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update journal

well today was nice . it was so cute . we had a messed up schuduel & at lunch im good wtih mr howard now . hah . he loves me . uhhh . i love my teachers . i finished feldys final played twister in her class . fucked around . got icecream cos i got a 5 on my FCAT writing . we had a yearbook signing thing and got our yearbooks their fucking amazing . me roebrt mark and drew got in this one pic in the backround its so funny haha . all the pix of me are soooo fuckin old . ::yawnn:: after school i came home . im all emotional lately urg whatevs . cant w8 till summer . my knuckles and joints hurt in my hands . i have a headach kinda .im almost done with my math portfolio & its almost the weekend FUCK YES cos tomorrow is thursday then friday oh hell yeah . i wanna sleep so bad hah .well im out

math award thingy tomorrow with emily , it shall be swell . :) haha .

Friday, CHRISTINA ARE YOU AND ME GOING TO PIS(or you got other plans?) COS I REALLY WANNA I COULD GET MY DADDDYY TO TAKE US :)? <333333 comment or talk to me online . im just writin cos your not on now

Bobby you should go this friday ! :)
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