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the best way to express my feelings right now .. 1 2 FUCK YOU
& if youve got something to say , SAY IT

i dont care if this is taking up your frineds page ...

yesterday i went to the mall in a bad mood thinking itd make it worse but actually it was better , i had a good time . hung out with everyone . lauren lawrence marco roebrt hilary mandy saw everyone alexa david richie hunter chris this kid jeff , jess ,marrisa . seriously i ran into so many people . me and lauren bought a rat again and named it shadows haha her idea /:P . um went to teh movies , christina came but me and lauren left shortly after. i walked around the rest of the night wtih lauren till like 12 and then i went home . we talked and it was nice . we went to the dog park and talked about old times and how we missed them . got emotional . cop came and told us to leave he was dumb .
today i woke up . went to laurens , came home . ordered stuff for the babyshower blahhhhhhhhhh emily picked me up and i went with her to lawrences and i got to see NICOLE!!!!!!1 YAYYYYY I AHVENT SEEN HER IN FOREVER AND IT WAS AMAZING i feel bad cos her bitch kept callin her and making her feel bad . rawr but anyways . we went to his house josh and chris were tehre , chris left , mandy hilary and robert came over and we all just chilled then left . emilys mom took us to the mall for like a lil then home . yeup

shits going down & everyones upset in this place.....once things get good and you say they cant get better , things get worse , when your happy everyoens miserable when everyones miserable your happy . i hate the way things work

no school monday thank fucking god , i hiope this fuckin hurricane kills us all .'

fuck you IM PISSED OFF now
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