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when love puts you threw the fire when love puts you to the test ...

nothing heals a broken heart like time love and tenderness

november 5th 2005
today , suprizingly i didn't do anything but i had an awsome day . i woke up at like 11 . helped my crazy aunt neanea decorate the house&we took a ride up to walgreens . me and val were S3RI3OUS G4M3RZ all day haha playing mario forever. i got dressed & everyone showed up for the babyshower for lisa . so it was me dad mom uncle bobby aunt lisa aunt neanea grammy fey shira & ken&lia! i wasnt expecting them . i love my family so much . my uncle is so hilarious. i was laughing the entire night cos him . forgotton children forlife :D . my aunt lisa got sooo much stuff for the baby and she loved loved loved loved the cherries onesies for the baby :D:D. i taped most of the shower and it was so funny , my uncle just screaming & for anyone who knows my family i bet you could just picture this hahahah & if you dont kno them damnnn you have to come over for a holiday haha :) so much stuff happened that i cant even member . today just made me smile . everyone left around 11 30ish . ill hvae pictures later :D.

hope everyones day was good ! ♥♥

if it takes forever .. baby we can work it out
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